Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art Series Prime Lens – EF Mount

$37 per 24 hour day hire

  • HSM Hypersonic motor and inner focusing system – ensuring high speed accurate auto focus
  • The large f1.4 aperture makes this ideal in low light conditions and is the sharpest lens on the market.

sigma 1.4









Bower 24mm F1.4 Lens – EF Mount

$35 per 24 hour day hire

  • Extremely Fast reliable f/1.4 Wide-Angle Lens
  • Manual Exposure, Manual Focus Lens
  • Multi-Coating Reduces Flare/Distortion
  • Excellent for Low-Light Shooting Situations
  • Canon EF Mount
  • For Full-Frame and APS-C Size Sensors

bower lens











Tamron 10 – 24mm f3.5 Wide angle Lens – EFS/EF Mount

$39 per 24 hour day hire

  • Ultra wide zoom lens that boasts a 10-24mm focal length range
  • Maximum Magnification  ratio of 1.5 at the 24mm semi-wide angle
  • Weighing in at 406 grams with dimensions of 7.87cm x 9.91 cm

vchb tamron lens









Bower 85mm T1.5 Cine lens – EF Mount

$40 per 24 hour day hire

  • 85mm focal length for full frame format
  • Geared focus and aperture control rings
  • Very fast T1.5 maximum aperture
  • 8 blade iris produces an attractive bokeh
  • Aspheric lens element limiting the spherical aberration
  • Focus type – Manual only

bower 85mm lens





Sigma 50mm F1.4 – EF Mount

$39 per 24 hour day hire

  • Bright  short telephoto lens allows for sharply defined images against a blurred background creating a nice depth of field
  • Super multi-layer lens coating reducing flare and ghosting
  • Hyper Sonic Motor provides full time manual focus override
  • Aperture maximum f1.4 and minimum f16.0
  • Minimum Focus distance 45cm
  • Autofocus available

Sigma 50mm F 1.4