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         We’ll show you how to use our easy point & shoot cameras for corporate/online videos, seminars, weddings, events,concerts,

Music Videos, TVCs Industrial applications, training , sports analysis etc.



  •                                                                                                               PRORES and All-Intra Codec

  •                                        12Bit  BRAW or ProRes Raw Via Atomos NinjaV /Blackmagic Video Assist, external USB-SSD recording                                                                                             New 24.2MP sensor with Dual Native ISO technology and a new generation engine

  •                                  Phase Detection AF and Active I.S. Technology ..NOTE.. This works fast & accurate with EF Lenses or Native L mount

  •                                                                                    6k/5.9k/C4K/4K 60p/50p 4:2:2 10-bit unlimited recording


  • L-Mount                                               
  • 24.2 Megapixels           
  • Phase Hybrid AFS5Mk2XV2
  • Active I.S. Technology
  • C4K/4K 4:2:2 10-bit 60p/50p video
  • HFR/VFR 10-bit Video
  • V-Log
  • RAW Video Data Output
  • Live Streaming
  • 1840k-dot Free-angle Monitor
  • 3680k-dot OLED Live View Finder
  • Splash and Dust-resistant

                                    Blackmagic 6k G2   $170.00… per 24hrs

 You’ll love the awesome cinematic image of this 12 bit Braw or 10bit prores  6144 x 3456 (6K) up to 50 fps powerhouse camera…The 6K G2 has a EF Mount for Canon lenses to create images with shallower depth of field than the pocket 4k. It also has an adjustable tilt LCD, viewfinder mount, 2x mini XLR audio inputs and a NP-F570 battery & many other great workable features…$155.00 per 24hr day…Includes 500gig media & 1x battery / powersupply. full kits available…2x free Vari Nd filters upon hire.



Sony EX1  –  $180.00 per 24hrs  

Easy point & shoot in HD camera. Great for fast paced shooting & live streaming..Power zoom Lens..Dual SD card slots…XLR Inputs…Build in ND filters

10bit 4.2.2 out of SDI output..Mattebox & rails.

Sony Ex1 Broadcast


           We’ve all heard how awesome this BMPCc 4k is!..60p, Dual native ISO, Great in low light.

                                                                               4k DCI in Prores or Braw files..Slo mo up to 120FPS … Gen 5 colour science.

   24hr $125.00, Body with 2 x batteries, 512gig Media …..Full cine kits available with Vlock battery,Shoulder rig, Media, Fast f1.4 lenses  ….. DJI Ronin S Hire available now.  

BM Pocket 4k

Panasonic S1, 6k/ 4k  Records 12bit ProRes RAW /BRAW over HDMI

Avail now for hire in Brisbane  $195.00 Per 24hrs

6k Full Frame


Full frame- 6K..5.9 K..4K DCI ..60p/50p …up to 180FPS HD …14.5 stops DR Vlog-V-Gamut .10Bit 4.2.2 Included in our hire kit


24.2 Megapixels …96 Mega pixel Mode for Super high res images

Full-frame Sensor


Fast and Precise AF with native lens


5 Stops of Ibis with non native lens…6 stops with 24-105 Native lens and other Compatible L series lenses


Dual native ISO ..Awesome in low light


Compatible with Canon EF lenses with the MC21 adapter


As above Full cine kits available

This cam is all you need for easy point and shoot Hi res video also ….Great cam for live feed to a data projector.

Price is for camera hire only

$60 per 8.5 hour day

$75  per 24 hour day

sony fx 1

PANASONIC GH4  Point & shoot full Video  Camera kit 

The new Panasonic GH4 ..4K and ultra HD video cam also captures HD beautifully

and has great slow mo and time lapse functions. The images produced by this small form factor

camera are simply stunning and comes within the category of point and shoot  making it easy to operate

with all the auto functions. Great for Corporate Videos,Music Videos, Cinematography or anywhere where high

quality results are required.

Also a great cam for a live feed to a Sd/HD 4K Data data projector or live streaming.

Price is for camera kit hire,includes 2x batteries .14-140 mm lens, 64 Gig sd card and backpack

$90.00 per 8.5 hour day.

  $110.00… per 24 hour day 

Panasonic gh2

Blackmagic Production 4K Camera

Price is for camera body hire only starting from $135 per day

 Full cine kits available –

black magic 4k camera

With minimal aliasing and moire, global shutter, 12 stops of Dynamic Range, S35 Sensor, Peaking Focus, and Integrated LCD touchscreen…. the Blackmagic 4K production camera is a complete solution for shooting high resolution Ultra HD 4K content.


Zeiss -Otus F1.4 – 28mm Prime

Zeiss -Otus 1.4 - 28mm

Uncompromising performance across the entire image field makes this full-frame lens unique and sets new standards among wide-angle focal lengths. Raise your photos to a totally new dimension by capturing even the tiniest details of your subject.

Like all focal lengths of the unique ZEISS Otus® family, the Otus 1.4/28 is in a class all of its own. A lens that incorporates the extensive know-how and all the experience of ZEISS.


                                    Canon Eos C70  4k… with Ef -RF 0.71 Adapter

Canon Eos C70The Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera features a Super35 DGO (Dual Gain Output) sensor for capturing nuanced images with up to 16+ stops of high dynamic range. The innovative DGO system combines two separate gain readings for each photodiode on the sensor, emphasizing saturation in bright areas of your image and lowering noise in darker areas. Video resolutions include DCI 4K capture at rates ranging from 23.98 to 60 fps, plus high-speed options up to 120 fps in UHD 4K and 180 fps in cropped 2K.


Blackmagic Cinema Camera

 This camera for true film look & cadence i’d say is better than the pocket 6k

Price is for camera body hire only -EF Model  – Full cine kits available

Great for cinematography pros who seek 2.5k 12 bit raw quality .. really has Alexa look as many say

  $105 per 8.5 hour day

$120 per 24 hour day

Call for best price on multi day hire

Black Magic cinema camera

 Panasonic GH2 Point & shoot video Camera Hire

244MBs/OR  188MBs/codec

Full kits available – phone for best price in Brisbane

           $85 per 8.5 hours – $115 per 1 day (24hr)

panasonic gh2

 Paniyiri festival shot on the Panasonic GH2

ALPHATRON Electronic View Finder – EVF 035W-3G

This High Definition 3G Electronic View Finder can be used with a wide variety of cameras.

Thanks to superb technological innovation the EVF comes with HD-SDi and HDMI inputs. This makes for total compatibility with

Blackmagic Design Cameras without the need for any intervening converter.

Some of the great features that this unit has to offer are:

  • 3.54 inch LED Backlit LCD
  • 24 – Bit RGB High Resolution Screen
  • 160 x 160 inch viewing angle
  • 1000:1 Contrast
  • 16.9 Aspect Ratio and many other Ratios
  • SDi and Mini-HDMI Inputs and Outputs
  • Loop Out / Conversion Out
  • Adjustable Diopeter/ Manual Lens Shutter
  • Advanced Features including 3G Level A/B

$75 for 8.5 hour day – $105 for 24 hours – L Series Sony Battery included to power the Alphatron


Canon 5D Mark 3 – Camera Hire

Price is for camera body hire only

includes battery and Qty 1 – 16 Gig memory

Full kits available – phone for best price in Brisbane

$110 for a day hire (24 hours)

canon mark 3