Opteka Steady Vid PRO – $20 per day

A quality video stabilizing system designed to reduce shake on cameras and video cameras. Weighing up to 2.26kg the Steady Vid PRO features aluminium construction, comfortable grip handle, adjustable mounting plate,  spirit level and a super smooth gimble.  All this coupled with 2 removable weights in addition to the main counterweight, the Opteka delivers on giving you fluid motion to your next shoot.

opteka Stedicam








Manfrotto Tripod with 501 Head – $30 per day

Manfrotto Tripod with 502 Heavy Duty Fluid Head – $38 per day

The Manfrotto Tripod is a compact easy to use system designed to ensure maximum durability through it’s high quality metal construction. With a choice of 2 Manfrotto tripod heads this quality Manfrotto package is ready to go when you are.


580x165 manfrotto